Photo Challenge Recap – Tia

Well, if you’ve been keeping track of our photo challenge, you know that we haven’t been posting our photos on time. If you haven’t been keeping up, pretend I didn’t say that and we’ll just go with “This is how I meant to do it”. Let’s face it, life gets busy…and for an auditor, from February 1st through at least April 30th, life get’s REALLY busy (they even call it busy season, how convenient!).

So anyway, I’ve decided to just go ahead and recap and share my 30 days of photos, from start to finish, so you don’t even have to go back and look through the old posts! It’s the least I can do…and as soon as Kevin will send me all of his photos (ahem) I will post those in a full recap as well. Enjoy 🙂


I really enjoyed doing these daily photos so I’m going to keep at it, but probably won’t be posting them here. If you’d like to keep up you can follow me on Instagram!


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